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Luba's Hotshot Services Ltd. strives to have the most up-to-date equipment and we maintain our it to the highest degree. We offer 1 and 2 ton dually trucks with trailers ranging from 20 feet, all the way up to 40 foot goosenecks. All of our trailers are tri-axle and we run 14 ply tires as oppose to the standard 10 ply. We are able to haul 48' lengths and are registered and rated to haul 18 000 lbs. From the time you call to schedule pickup you can relax knowing that one of our qualified drivers will make your delivery on time and with the personal care that comes from operating our private fleet of hot shot trucks.


All vehicles are equipped with everything to keep each job as efficient and safe as possible, and our drivers prepared for whatever each individual job may entail. Trucks are equipped with safety devices such as; tire chains, 2-way VHF radios, long range truck phones, first aid kits, spill kits, accident/incident kits, fire extinguishers, extra PPE, long load lights and emergency triangles that are all inspected once a month by our Safety Officer.


Unit Charge per Kilometer

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Unit Charge per Hour - Load/Unload

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